Created on: April 15, 2024
Modified on: April 18, 2024

Safety Matters proudly presents the Primary Food Safety Level 2 Course, designed to equip food workers with the essential skills and knowledge in food safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Trusted by over 100,000 individuals, this EHAI Certified course is recognized as the industry gold standard by trainers, employers, and enforcement authorities.

Key Features:

• Designed by Environmental Health Officers: Developed by experts in the field, ensuring the highest standards of food safety training.
• EHAI Certified: The only primary course in food safety certified by the Environmental Health Association of Ireland (EHAI).
• Industry Gold Standard: Recognized and endorsed by trainers, employers, and enforcement authorities across Ireland.
• Legal Compliance: Meets the legal obligation for food workers to undergo training in food hygiene.
• Accessible Training: Available through a network of over 200 EHAI licensed trainers throughout Ireland, making it convenient for individuals and businesses

Who Should Enroll:

• Individuals currently working with food.
• Those seeking employment opportunities within the food industry.
• Anyone looking to comply with legal training requirements in food hygiene.

Course Content:

• Food Safety: Understanding the principles and practices of food safety.
• Microbiological Hazards: Identifying potential hazards related to microorganisms in food.
• Food Contamination: Understanding how contamination occurs and how to prevent it.
• HACCP from Delivery to Storage: Learning about HACCP principles during the delivery and storage of food.
• HACCP from Food Preparation to Service: Implementing HACCP principles throughout the food preparation and service process.
• Personal Hygiene: Maintaining personal hygiene standards to prevent food contamination.
• Pest Control: Strategies for preventing and controlling pests in food premises.
• Cleaning and Disinfection: Proper cleaning and disinfection procedures to maintain food safety standards.
• Food Safety Law and Enforcement: Understanding relevant food safety legislation and enforcement procedures.


This Course is Accrediated by the Environmental Health Association of Ireland and the Certificate is valid for 5 years.