Created on: February 7, 2024
Modified on: February 7, 2024

(Information provided by Indeed to direct job seekers to resources that may be useful to Ukrainians)


Ukrainians who have been granted temporary protection under the EU Directive (2001/55/EC) have the right to work. In addition to regular employment, this status allows you to run a business, be a freelancer or take professional training in Ireland.

Without English, you can only rely on your friends to help you, because you probably won’t even be able to go to an interview. However, there are some physical jobs where language skills are not always required. However, even for the simplest jobs, employers often require language skills. In many cases, the employee needs to understand English so that the employer can easily give him or her a task. There are even more jobs where fluency is required.

Ukrainians can look for work in various ways, for example, through the Internet. Many local companies often post recruitment announcements on their websites.  However, individuals trying to find a job on their own often face a problem. To work officially, you need to get an invitation from the employer, but this involves negotiating, which means you need to know English. It may be worth considering the services of employment agencies. We offer you a closer look at each of the possibilities.

Internet Resources

In Ireland, as well as in Ukraine, one of the most common ways to find a job is through classifieds websites. There are many specialised websites where employers or recruitment agencies publish open vacancies. Among the most popular are Indeed, Jobs, IrishJobs and many others.

The websites of large Irish companies often publish advertisements for qualified employees. You can contact the employer by filling out an application form or sending an email.

Irish recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are an excellent resource that you may want to use in your job search. They actively recruit qualified employees in high-demand industries.

Unfortunately, recruitment agencies receive a huge number of requests, so they may not respond immediately. In this case, we recommend registering with several recruitment agencies to increase your chances of success. However, it is not recommended to apply for the same job through more than one agency.

There are a large number of recruitment agencies across Ireland. Some of them specialise in specific industries, while others work in many areas. A good place to start is with the directory of agencies and their listings on the Employment and Recruitment Federation website.

Finding a job in Ireland through social media

Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, have become a popular way to share and promote job opportunities with like-minded people. If you work in an industry that uses social media for this purpose, try to follow people in key positions to learn more about any opportunities as they arise. Take the time to create your own LinkedIn profile, as it is a popular resource in Ireland and many companies use it to find candidates.

Job adverts in Irish newspapers

Although most of the ads are placed on job portals, there are still many jobs advertised in Irish newspapers. The Irish Times publishes vacancies and posts them on its website.

The Irish Independent, which also publishes the Sunday Independent, and The Evening Herald also carry job advertisements on their websites, and the online job search function of these resources links to the Irish Jobs website.